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Christian rap artist Swoope highlights in the song titled “TSNK” which is short for though shall not kill, the injustice that African Americans have been facing for centuries. This song was released in the year of 2018. Since then there have been several more cases of injustices, such as the murder of George Floyd. The race of an individual should not play a role in receiving justice but it unfortunately does. Take a stand-in for justice in this Champion sweatshirt with a bold statement!

• 90% cotton, 10% polyester
• Light steel is 85% cotton, 15% polyester
• 100% cotton shell
• Two-ply hood with a colored lining (black hoodies have a light steel lining in the hood, navy – oxford grey lining, light steel – navy lining)
• V-notch rib detail at neck, and half-moon insert at the back of the neck
• Tone-matching drawstrings
• Front pouch pocket
• 2×1 ribbed spandex enhanced cuffs and bottom band
• Embroidered “C” logo on left sleeve

Check out this video by Swoope – “TSNK”

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